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Concrete Driveway

affordable concrete driveway service

Concrete driveways are maybe the service that we get the most calls about. Whether you are looking to build a driveway from scratch or repair the one that you have we are going to be there to help you out. With driveways, it’s really important to understand that they usually play a role in the way that water can flow down from the roof for example. Therefore the design of these areas needs to be on par with the sturdy concrete that we are going to be using to build them. By the way, your driveway doesn’t have to be gray and dull!

Restoring An Old Concrete Driveway: What You Have To Know

If you have an old concrete driveway that has a lot of cracks and things of that nature what is the best course of action? There are a couple of things that we need to take into account before we give you a verdict on what the best plan could be. How old is in the concrete structure? How damaged does it really happen to be? What do you want the finishing product to look like? We can sit down and talk about this at length before you have to make any decisions.

Concrete Driveway Design

If you want us to build a concrete driveway we are going to want to make sure that the driveway is properly designed for a couple of reasons. We need to make sure that the rainwater that comes off the roof has a natural flow through the driveway and to a sewer. We also want to make sure that we are able to make your transition from your driveway to the street a seamless one. We’ve seen a lot of examples where the driveway is actually inches taller than the street. That is not a good idea at all.

Why Go With A Concrete Driveway?  

You should be going with a concrete driveway if you want to have a driveway that is not going to give you any trouble and one that could actually make driving on it comfortable. Mulch driveways or driveways made from pebbles look great in pictures. When you actually have to drive on them though the experience is usually not up to par. We want to ensure that your cars are not going to be damaged for having to drive on rough roads. Even if you are driving just a couple of feet to your home.

Too Much Money Upfront

Is building a concrete driveway expensive? Again, we are not going to lie to you. It’s probably going to cost you more on the front end than any other type of driveway. In fact if you find another type of driveway that is going to cost you the same as concrete, you better think twice about hiring that company. In the long run, you are going to be saving a lot of time and money on maintenance services and you are going to have a smooth surface for years. When we say, in the long run, we are just talking about 5 to 10 years too!

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