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Concrete Stain

affordable concrete stain service

Staining your concrete can certainly be a great way to give the area a unique look and feel. It’s also a good way to extend the overall life span of the concrete. We happen to think that this look or certain looks that you can achieve by staining your concrete can go well in virtually all sorts of concrete floors. That being said, it’s important that you go through the process in the right way. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you are not going to be able to obtain these great results.

What Type of Finish Can You Really Provide?

There are times that people come to us with doubts about this particular service. Saying things like I know this is a procedure that is going to make the concrete surface look shiny, but what are the real benefits and what can you do for me! There are a lot of different looks if you will that we are going to be able to create through this process. With a wide variety of colors and designs. The designs are actually added on the spot and are therefore 100% customizable. We can do whatever you want us to do actually!

Can You Stain Older Concrete Surfaces?

Actually yes, that is one of the main benefits that you can get from this particular finish. It can be a great way to rejuvenate an older surface and have it remain functional for an extended period of time. Of course in these cases, we are usually going to have to do a little bit more work to make sure that we fill up all of the cracks and imperfections before we actually stain the surface. Now, we do have to say that not all old surfaces are going to be able to go through this procedure effectively.

Is My Concrete Floor A Candidate or Not? 

Since we left the last paragraph on a bit of a cliff hanger we wanted to make sure that we addressed the issue. We can help you determine whether or not your particular floors are going to be ideal candidates for this procedure. In theory, we are going to be able to apply this finish to any type of concrete surface as long as we restore to a point where it would make sense doing so. One of the reasons why we may end up not recommending this service would be if we had to overhaul the entire floor. We could overhaul the entire floor then stain it though!

Everything Is In The Mixture

All of the wacky designs and colors are usually achieved by adding different types of chemicals to the mixture that we are going to be pouring over the concrete. Getting through this process the right way is actually going to be key to the success of the whole thing. If we tell you that the surface needs to dry out for a day or two it’s going to be for a reason. We urge you to follow our instructions if you book a service!

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