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Stamped Concrete

affordable stamped concrete service

If you are looking for your concrete to have a unique finish then looking into stamped concrete can certainly be a very viable option. Having said this, stamped concrete should not be a very limited option. What we mean by that is that you should be able to have all sorts of designs stamped in your concrete. You should not be limited by us letting you know that we only have a shooting star mold or whatever it may be. If you want to explore this particular option be sure to read on!

When Do I Have To Make A Decision On Whether I Want Stamp Concrete Or Not?

As you can imagine to be able to properly stamp concrete we are going to need wet cement. So obviously when you already have a set concrete surface it’s going to be hard to provide this particular type of finish. We are going to be exploring that option though a little later. When it comes to making the decision ideally you’ll be able to make up your mind before we begin to work. If you change your mind in the middle of the process things can get pretty difficult as we are sure again that you can imagine.

I Have A Concrete Surface In Place, But I Want To Make It A Stamped Concrete Surface

This is something that we get quite a bit of. If you want to turn your regular concrete surface into a stamped concrete surface we have to do quite a bit of work. We are not going to be able to just add a fresh layer of concrete and just stamp over that. The results that we would be getting from doing that would probably be less than ideal. So we may have to essentially redo the entire surface to be able to provide good results.

Will Stamped Concrete Cluster Up Or Fade Over Time?

Yes, that could be something that does happen. Especially if you drive over the concrete regularly. That is not something though that is going to happen in the first couple of years. At least it isn’t something that should be happening in the first couple of years. We’ll give you a warranty for the effectiveness of our finishes. So that you can rest assured that if your concrete is too damaged after a short amount of time we will be responsible for helping you fix it.

Adding Different Colors To Stamped Concrete

People ask us what the best way to add color to concrete surfaces and particular stamped concrete surfaces is. The best way to do this is to add the color in the mixing process. Which is actually what we mainly do when we seal concrete, although the process there is a little different. You can add color later of course, but since you are already going to have wet cement to be able to stamp on it, the best thing that you can do is add that coloring to the mixture.

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